side of a square with area of 2,100?

4 Answers

  • It is a square, so you simply need the square root of 2,100 = 45.8257569.

    If it were a cube, you would use the cube root.

  • OK. Area of a rectangle is length times width. (L*W)

    as rectangle here is a square, L=W.

    therefore the lewngth of one side is the square root of 2,100.

    Regretfully I can’t find my calculator to give the answer.

    Hope this helps, though.

  • Area of a rectangle = l*w

    for a square, l=w

    so the area = l*l (or l^2)

    l^2 = 2100

    take the square root of both sides

    l = 45.826

  • Use the Area of a Square formula.

    To see a short video that teaches how to use this formula, with examples, click here:

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