Silent skit ideas for drama class?

okay so in my class we need to make a skit without using words or props.

we have to do everyday things and use our facial expressions and actions to show the audiance what were doing.

they can be like washing a dog or completeing a homework assignment.

it has to be funny and with one person only.

its due tomorrow please help!

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  • You know how you sometimes find a piece of hair that got missed the last time you got your hair cut?

    You could show finding it and then getting the scissors and trimming a little bit, but then you cut too much, so you have to even out the other side and next thing you know you’re getting the razor and shaving your whole head.

  • Do an everyday event gone wrong. I once did a pantomime, and I was going on a picnic. After miming out the basic things you do at a picnic, a bee came. I swatted it away, but it came back. And the more came. I ran around the stage and eventually hid under my picnic blanket to protect myself from the swarm.

    Other ideas: baking something (funny if you’re confident at the beginning and then, it becomes a disaster) or flying a kite.

    Have fun! Stay consistent with the size of the objects you use and where you put them down! Pantomiming is so difficult, no matter now simple it seems.

  • Silent Play

  • I pretending like I was cooking some burgers…then “dropped” one on the floor…brushed it off and gave it to my “pretend” friend standing up there with me (in which i put my hood up to show that i was the new person and “ate the dirty burger”. if u play it well you should get a laugh or two. hope it helps!

  • how bout doing a pedicure on some old lady’s nasty feet. it would be funny.

  • act like your driving a car or something idk

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