Similes and metaphors are both considered types of

Similes and metaphors are both considered types of a. epic poetry. b. musical terms. c. song lyrics. d. figurative language.


It's D they both compare and can have multiple meanings

D. Figurative Language

Figurative Language


C. They both are part of figurative language
Figurative language and are both imaginative
Figurative Language. They are both kind of the same thing but one of them compares both of the things without using like or as.
Similes and metaphors are both types of commonly used figurative language. They both compare two different things in English language and writing. The simile is written using either the word "like" or "as"--"The dog was as black as coal." A metaphor does the same thing without using the words "like" or "as"--"The dog was a siren, barking into the night."
Similes and metaphors both are considered native to figurative language. Idioms also fall under this category.
The 1 thing they have in common is that that they are fabricated by imaginative tendencies. 
The answer is figurative language; sinilies and metaphors enhance the effectiveness of language.
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