Similie help….I was as nervous as a ???? ?

heres the paragraph;

My family and I moved to a new a town and I was completely terrified! I had to attend a new school, make new friends- basically start over. I was as nervous as _______

What could i use in that line.

7 Answers

  • I don’t think you are going to get a one-word simile there.

    I am thinking …

    * as nervous as a midget in a football match

    * as nervous as a fly in a spider’s web

    or something along those lines. Or change the parsing all together.

    “… basically start over. I wasn’t just nervous, I was a walking, talking embodiment of cold sweat.” or something like that. 🙂

  • The answers that first popped into my head probably can’t be posted here.

    How about:

    I was as nervous as a tax evader going to an appointment with the IRS.

    I was as nervous as a mouse in a barn full of cats.

    I was as nervous as a confirmed bachelor on his wedding day.

  • I was as nervous as a miniature Chihuahua

  • cat in a room full of

    rocking chairs.

  • how about one of those dogs that shake all the time? ahaha

  • a hyperveltilating cat?

  • newborn.

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