Simplify the expression. (3-i)-(2+6i)?

Invisible numbers. I know the answer is 1-7i but I get lost in the process?

2 Answers

  • lol its not invisible numbers: imaginary numbers;

    i is the same thing as sqrt(-1) which obviously is not a real number; thats why its imaginary. Sometimes, its easiest just to think of the i as an x. like you do with normal algebraic equations, combine like terms (3-2) and (i-6i) which gives 1 – 7i.

    hope that helped!

  • let me ask you this

    how would you simplify

    .. (3 – z) – (2 + 6z)

    hint.. subtract like terms

    .. 3 and 2

    .. -z and 6z

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