Since 90 percent of the media have an anti-Trump bias, is it improper to call them the “Anti-Trump Media” and write them off re veracity?…


More accurately, is it anything but tomfoolery to go on reading, quoting, trusting them or even treating them differently than the Weekly World News or Nat’l Enquirer?


7 Answers

  • They survive on being noticed.


  • Trump has never failed to provide the anti-trump forces with ammunition.

  • You may as well, they are patently obvious in their bias. It is laughable what you hear on CNN or MSNBC, the broadcast channels, some newspapers. What they are doing is destructive to the country and the presidency. It weakens the U.S. image in the world and I dont mean military force, I mean not having faith in the U.S. when the media mocks its president, the most powerful head of state in the world.

  • Honey, history has an anti-Trump bias. Even Fox is pointing out his failings- how do you write Fox off, too?

  • Everything the MSM says should be met with skepticism.

  • As opposed to the fair and balanced way fox treated obama right?


  • If you want to write off facts, go ahead. If you love alternative facts, you will love Trump and Faux News.

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