skrillex halloween costume wig?

I was going to dress up as skrillex for Halloween at the place i work at. I have everything i need except for the wig. does anyone know where to buy one or have any ideas on how to make one?

2 Answers

  • You could buy a long hair wig and shave one side of it yourself. There is a long black hair wig on Amazon for $8.83 (free shipping) that you can use. First shave the side and then do light wavy hair on the other side. The Rubie's Costume wig below has pretty good reviews on the quality of the wig. Here is the link:

    Keep in mind that it's just the black wig, not the costume like the picture that's included in the product. For less than $9, it's worth a shot at a DIY Skrillex wig 🙂

  • I have short tresses for the first time since We was 10 years old and We really like it but I skip my long curly locks so I am growing it back out!

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