Skyrim – Hamelyn and other magic type encounters!?

I have just encountered him I’m level 41 With full daedric (legendary) Heavy armour + shield only enhancing after bombing a +50% to smithing, this guy litterally come up and chain lightninged me, I lasted 0.2 of a second? the first 2 attempts at him I didn’t even get to see what the hell it was attacking me!

finally went in there took all my armour off and snuck up right behind him for a sneak attack and finished him off, but still.. this happens with nearly every mage i come up against lately they are way too over powered, I play on adept difficulty and don’t want to change the slider down at all, Every melee type.. can’t touch me, I barely lose any health yet will 1 hit them for all of theirs.. Am i missing something!? what can I do to avoid this happening? I can now solo 2 giants at a time and their mammoths! but one stinking mage and I’m laying face down in the dirt asking if anyone got the license plate number! Just wondered what I’ll do when i come up against 3 like him, sneak attack the first and then get blitzed to a piece of toast by the other 2? o.O

please if anyone has had the same type of experience and has some useful information please reply it will be greatly appreciated

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  • Spells avoid all normal armour rating, so that legendary Daedric is just slowing you down. only way to avoid damage from spells is use defending spells, or enchanted armour. Also drain their magicka, it is limited just like yours

  • Hamelyn Skyrim

  • My tactic – sneak attack one from a distance, then move back into the shadows. Once they have calmed down, sneak attack and hide again. It takes a while, but I’ve taken down Dragon Priests and whole castles of necromancers this way.

  • You need to upgrade your armor with magic resistance or elemental resistance. There should be perks in your skill trees that have elemental resistances.

    Or you can do wat i do, sneaky archer sniping.

    Lure the mages out 1 by 1 by causing noise like dropping a bucket or get barely into sight in stealth and lead them away from their group and doing stealth kills

    use lighting elemental weapons because it does direct damage to magic as well.

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