SMS sent from Google Voice not being delivered?

I keep getting this: "Error: this message was not successfully delivered" when I try to send a SMS to any of my contacts. They are not "short codes" nor international. I have a Nextel device and use Sprint, I have been using GV for 2 months or so and never had a problem before. GV support page wasn't too helpful since it sends me to the forum to get help, I did post my question there as well but haven't get any feedback.

What can I do?

Thank you!

8 Answers

  • i'm glad i saw this because I've been having the same problem only this morning and thought it was just me. i've been using google voice for years without this issue so it must be a problem that google will fix soon.

  • I was having the same problem so I deleted previous text message, then dialed the number I was sending a text to like it was new. Now my text have all gone thru from the last 3 hours


  • So far i'm only having the issue out of a single 940 number. Like others I can still receive texts, but I can't send them to that one specific person. So far everyone else I've attempted to text receive them just fine.

  • I am getting the same issue, I can't send messages on my iphone, or through my browser, I guess the same error message everytime "Error: this message was not successfully delivered"

  • I'm getting it as well on all numbers. I think its safe to say GV is down.

  • The apps which are used for Security purpose such as Leo Privacy Guard 3.0.

  • the problem began for me this morning as well, on about 90% of the phone numbers, most local. how do we let google know?

  • same here for me, and it happens no matter who i try to send a txt to

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