Snapchat says I have a notification, yet no new snaps show up?

Both my badge app icon and Snapchat itself are saying that I have one new snapchat, but when I look at my recent snaps, nothing shows up. I have restarted my phone, uninstalled/reinstalled the app, logged off/logged back on and everything, but nothing is making the notification go away.

3 Answers

  • This happened to me too. I found out that there was a snap that I haven’t yet opened, and it was located near the bottom of my feed. Check your feed to make sure you’ve opened all snaps.

  • A few minutes ago, I received a snap from an account. It said they sent me a snap. There was also the red 1 notification on the app badge icon. I opened snapchat only to discover there was no snap, message… No new notification at all! So I double clicked the home button and I swiped up. The red 1 notification was still there. Still, no new message. I restarted my phone and it’s still not showing. This has happened with Instagram as well. There must be something wrong with my phone or I am just stupid.. πŸ˜‚

  • this happened to me to and i was talking to my mom and it randomly came up in our conversation πŸ˜‚ it happened to her to (yes she has snapchat) she only has me and my sister and neither of us snapchatted her. i think it’s just a glitch and will be fixed with an update.

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