So today i went into chase to see why 2 checks were not deposited in my bank account…not realising?

Not realising the guy gave me 1000…in my envelope inwhixh i thought only had 400 dollars in it due to the printed i went to bank and women calls the cops all while i asked if i may go back home to geab the original envelope i had with the money to count maybe i was wrong or miss understood the teller.beccause when i went there i asked to cash the checks and i was told it couldnt be cashed .so when i got my 400 back for my mithdrawl i left.went in there today manager reports it as fraud after i tokd her it was a honet iam scared i didnt mean to report the cash missing i just assumed and did not even think twice to count my cash back.

1 Answer

  • Just apologize but do not get the teller in trouble.

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