Softball Players Nicknames?

I’m coaching a girls’ softball team (age 10), and I have 3 girls with the same name! To solve this problem, my daughter gave me the idea to give everyone on the team a nickname. Anyone have any ideas for softball related nicknames appropriate for 10 year olds? I need 10.

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  • You can try calling them by their last name if you want to give *everyone* on the team a last name.

    As for the 3 with the same name, what differences do they have? Is one faster than the other two? Does one have red hair, where the others are blonde or brunette? Is one taller than the other two?

  • Softball Nicknames

  • Twinkle toes, or road runner( If fast)

    Lefty( If left handed)

    Firecracker( If throws hard)

    You can ask wh othier favorite baseball or softball player is and call them that. If one has red hair call her Big red, or is blonde, Blondie. Something that ryhms with thier last name( if possible).

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    1. Prajamer 2. Commando 3. Ruckus 4. ChuckleRiis

  • That is a fun idea. Take their name either first or last and try to come up with something catchy that fits it. Such as last year we had a girl with the last name Corn, we called her Sweet. We also had KitKat, KO, Slider, Jazz, Stilts, and Hammer.

  • Lefty (if one is)



    Cracker Jacks

    Coca Cola


    Shorty (short-stop)

    Mitts (catcher)

    Speedy (good runner)

    (Call one of them by their jersey number)

  • Is there something you do particularly well? I know a girl at SS they called the human vacuum because she would ꜱᴜcκ up any hit that came near her. If you are good at stealing bases – could be something along those lines like the the thief or the robber. If you are quick – gazelle.

  • A few we have on our team.

    Taz – short for tazmanian devil . She is a wild child.

    Ace – our best pitcher

    Coach Hanna – she is all the time helping us coach


    Stitches – she busted her lip at state and got 6 stitches

    Tommy – that’s her dad’s name

    Mad cat – Madelyene

    Mad dog – Madison

    A.J. – Amanda Joe

    ray ray – rachel

    Big Mac – Last name is McMa………….

    Goose – it’s short for silly goose

    Source(s): fastpitch coach of 10 and under
  • This is a great idea. Why dont you let them make up their own?

  • (what ever your first letter of their name is) fire.

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