Some one help me with my math homework?!?

The median for the given set of six ordered data values is 31.5.

7,12, 25, __, 41, 51.

What is the missing value?

Please Help =) thank you

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  • 38

    Since the middle numbers are 25 and 38, you need to find the number exactly in the middle of both of them to find the median,

  • step 1:

    x=the missing value

    the median is the middle number, but in this case there are two which happens to be 25 and x

    so the formula is


    use algebra to solve



    x= 38

    the missing value is 38

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  • the missing value is 38 because you take the median which is the 2 middle numbers added together then divided by 2. so to reverse it to find the answer you take 31.5 *2 and it come out as 63.

    now we subtract 25 from 63 like 63-25 = 38. 38 is your answer.

    hope you have a good day and find my answer useful — coho king

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  • 38

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