Some types of organisms obtain needed energy through predation. select the best answer from the choices provided t f

Some types of organisms obtain needed energy through predation. select the best answer from the choices provided t f


Answer - True

Reasoning - The reason is without predation the animals will die since if they won't hunt they won't eat and die. Yes it's important to because it helps maintain the ecosystem. For example a Tiger is on top of the food chain so it's to gotta hunt. Just like down those line of chains.

yes, some organisms can gain energy through consumption of other organisms, they are known as heterotrophs.

The Answer for that question is True.

The plants, animals and fungi use sexual reproduction as a way of increasing the genetic variability.

There are a few ways for the creation of such variability:

1. Crossing-over is an event that occurs when homologous chromosomes come together during prophase I of meiosis. Those chromosomes exchange bits of DNA with each other which results in new gene combinations and new chances for variety.

2. Independent assortment is another event that happens during the meiosis (anaphase I). When the homologous pairs of chromosomes line up in metaphase I, each pair lines up independently from the other pairs.

3. Mutation is one common, spontaneous way of introducing changes into the genetic code. When changes occur in a cell that produces gametes, future generations are affected and variability exists.

4.Fertilization itself can cause variability because it is a random event.

Both animals and plants are capable of reproduction. Living organisms are capable of producing populations of infinite size. Sexual reproduction allows more variation in genes because the genes are coming from two different organisms. All organisms in every environment they must compete for essential resources.
Q1) A) One
Q2) D) Feebly
Q3) C) Shell
Q4) A) mutually dependent
Q5) C) the membrane
Q6) A) A partition of organism functions
Q7) D) a greater number of cells than smaller life-forms
Q8) C) cells
Q9) D) Cellular and colonial organisms
Q10) A) procreative mechanisms
Q11) C) Biology
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Heterotrophs obtain energy by feeding on another organisms like plants or animals. 

In many functions of a living organism, it cannot make its own energy. It uses energy from its environment, retrieves and converts into a usable and edible matter. Organisms that can do this process is the autotrophs, they can facilitate photosynthesis which they gather energy from the sun, water and carbon dioxide in order to create energy by then, the transfer of this energy to other organism is played by the food chain –food web.   

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