Someone explain to me why Republicans seem so fond of the murdering thug Vladimir Putin—the oligarch who rules with an iron fist?

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell KNOW Trump admires Putin and wishes he could rule America in much the same way Putin rules Russia—by killing or jailing his rivals (firing his investigators), doling out favors for sworn loyalty (Flynn—NSA), and by constantly spreading rumors and lies and disinformation to his own people to keep them off-balance and ignorant.

Why do the Republicans think it’s okay to hand America over to folks who have a vision so different from that which the Founding Fathers imagined? Someone tell me why.

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  • He’s just so dreamy.

  • “Why do the Republicans think it’s okay to hand America over to folks who have a vision so different from that which the Founding Fathers imagined? Someone tell me why”

    Well, gee, Wally,let’s see: it isn’t the 17th Amendment against the Founding Fathers vision for the USA?

    What about all the talk of scrapping the Electoral College?

    For that matter, isn’t any government safety net like Social Security something they never had in mind?

    All of a sudden you discover the Founding Fathers just because……why again? You hate the current President?

  • I don’t think anyone’s opinion about Putin is important. We have big domestic problems that everyone wants to ignore, fix the USA first, then worry about international trivia.

  • There is a difference between admiring someone – recognizing their skills – and wanting them to succeed. A lot of pro golfers admired Tiger Woods but they still wanted to beat him and there are countless other examples.

  • I don’t know any who are. That’s just another “liberal” myth that was generated so you don’t have to do the hard work of thinking for yourself.

    How did you manage to forget the first 7 1/2 years of the Obama regime’s love of Russia and Putin? The “reset”, the disastrous strategic arms agreement, the unilateral removal of missile defense from Eastern Europe, the inert response of Obama to the Russian invasion of Crimea and Ukraine, etc.?

    How did you manage to forget when Obama tut-tutted Romney for calling Russia our number one geopolitical opponent in 2012? That was something that Republicans not only believed then, as now, but something which most of us believed even when Bush stupidly claimed to have seen Putin’s “soul.”

    But now, despite all the mountains of evidence to the contrary, YOU believe Republicans are “fond” of Putin, the man Obama got caught in a hot mic moment saying he would be more flexible for after the 2012 election.

    So, tell us again, what “facts” you are using to bolster your delusional belief that Republicans are fond of Putin?

  • Yeah and being friends with the dictators of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, China etc is way way worse than trying to have a little bit better relations with Russia, the foreign policy of this country and the media here is so so ****** up and ridiculous

  • I’m not. I think he is evil. But that doesn’t mean we can’t work together when necessary. We are both killing ISIS. Why wouldn’t we want to try to do what it takes to avoid killing each other?

    And why do you give Hillary a pass on her contacts with Putin?

    $500,000 for a speech. Donations to her sketchy “foundation”……..

    And no one thinks what you wrote in your Update. Why do you post blatant lies?

  • When have they not been fond of murderous thugs?

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