Something similar to Tender Vittles cat food?

I have a 17 year old cat who can no longer eat dry cat food due to lack of teeth/ weak teeth. I have been feeding him the canned wet food, but it is quite expensive & doesn't seem to keep him full for very long. I remember a food called "Tender Vittles" that was sort of a middle of the road between dry & wet food. They don't make it anymore though. Can anyone suggest something similar? My cat would greatly appreciate it :o)

Elaine, I don't know if you intended it that way, but I think your response is somewhat judgmental. I do not shop for cat food on the cheapest shelf in the grocery store. I feed my 4 cats quality food. The expense of the wet food comes from the fact that it doesn't seem to keep my elderly cat full for very long. My inquiry was about an alternative food option that might be more satisfying for him...not for someone to tell me how to feed my cats & make assumptions about where I purchase cat food.

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  • I remember them. I stopped buying them when my second cat didn't care for them. Are you sure that they are no longer on the market? The last time I saw them they were in a newer, more modern designed box...I didn't even recognize them.

    Edit: I're correct. Purina confirms that they are not available in the U.S. They have nothing similar. Try Whisker Lickins. They are not as economical, though.

  • Tender Vittles

  • Do a grain-free kibble, like Evo. The grain is the binder (basically what glues the kibble together so it isn't just a powder), which is what makes it hard. Grain-free cat foods usually use potatoes or peas as a binder. Evo has the highest protein to carb ratio of any food, which has the side effect of making the kibble fairly soft.

    Luckily, even old cats do well on the high-protein/low carb diet, unlike old dogs or humans. Also, see if you can pick up a product called "Dentatreat". It's a powder made by Wysong, basically cheese enzymes and probiotics. If you put a tiny bit on the food at every meal, it helps to keep the teeth your cat has left healthy. This is the same principle behind the CET treats you get from vets, but waaaaay cheaper and easier to use.

    Source(s): Pet store manager
  • The elder of my two cats, who is 18 used to love Tender Vittles. Since Tender Vittles was discontinued, we've given her Whisker Lickens. We give her the cнιcκen flavor. She doesn't like tuna or salmon flavors.

  • You should buy Evo, it's one of the best brands of cat foods out there. The prices on Amazon is pretty good:

    It has a good amount of protein and it's made of healthy ingredients unlike some of the cheap brands you see at so many stores.

  • Quite expensive? Compared to what?

    A 12 ounce can feeds a cat for over 2 days. The 6 ounce cans do it for one. Check the ounce weight on the packets, you'll find they're more expensive.

    A quality diet would be something gotten from a pet supplies store, not the grocery store's cheapest shelf. Remember you can supplement the food with meat--baked cнιcκen, raw ground cнιcκen--which is pure protein. We spend $60 a month feeding 4 cats and they get meat as well. Just budget for it.

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