songs about asking for help? smiliar to saving me?

songs similar to saving me by nickelback? about asking others for help?

5 Answers

  • Breathe by Nickelback

    The Little Things Give You Away by Linkin Park

    Fly by Nickelback

    Help! by The Beatles

    those all are bout askin for help and such. esp. Breathe

  • Save Me by Autovein

    Help! by The Beatles is a good one, like someone already said

  • This Is A Call - Thousand Foot Krutch

    "And I'm calling out to you this is a call, this is a call out, 'cause every time I fall down, I reach out to you. And I'm losing all control now, and my hazard signs are all out, I'm asking you to show me what this life is all about. Have you ever felt this way before? 'Cause I don't want to hide here anymore. Take me to a place where nothing's wrong, and thanks for coming, shut the door..."

    Similar theme, but 150% better, in my opinion.

    Good luck!


  • beautiful disaster- jon mclaughlin

    tonight- fm static

    shinedown- 45

    the last night, whispers in the dark, yours to hold- skillet

    bother, Zzyzx Rd.- stone sour

    going through changes- army of me

    never too late- three days grace

    rain, until the end- breaking benjamin

    clean my wounds- corrosion of conformity

    bottom of the bottle- smile empty soul

    this is the sound- the exies

    here i stand- madina lake

    bury myself alive- the used

    hello lonely- theory of a deadman

  • HELP! by the beatles

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