Songs about being 20 years old?

I know there are songs about being 16, 18, etc…but I was wondering if there are any songs out there about being 20? does anyone know a website where they compiled all songs that are about ages? i know theres a few sites out there for songs that are about names…so I’m just wondering about the age thing…thanks!

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  • Theres a band called match box 20….hehe

  • Songs About Being 20

  • I only know one song specifically about being 20:

    "SUGAR MOUNTAIN" by Neil Young

    One of Neil’s first songs about a club for kids under 20 in Canada. The chorus goes, "Oh to live on Sugar Mountain with the barkers and the colored balloons. You cant be 20 on Sugar Mountain – though you’re thinkin that you’re leavin there too soon… you’re leavin there too soon…"

    Joni Mitchell (also from Canada) wrote a song responding to Neil’s song & it’s sad outlook of ‘life being over at 20’ called "THE CIRCLE GAME."

  • kenny rogers 20 years ago

    My Twenty Years Ago.. Boston and the 80’s

  • erm… how about 22?

    “100 years” by Counting Crows could work for that. haha

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