Sound is too low on my Acer Monitor. How do I increase the volume?

6 Answers

  • Get better speakers. Monitor in-built speakers are terrible lol.

    One way would be to set the graphic equaliser (if you are playing music through Windows Media Player) and setting everything on +10. That will make it a bit louder.

  • Acer Monitor Controls

  • If it’s the quality of sound that you want then you are out of luck with built in speaker but if all you need to do is increase the volume do this. Click start go to accessories then entertainment and in entertainment click on volume control and adjust the sound there. You my also be able yo adjust the sound just by opening up the volume control by clicking on the little speaker on the bottom by the little icons by time.

  • IS there anything in the menus for the Acer monitor specific to sound? Even at full blast volume control in Windows, at times it’s still not loud enough to hear when using HDMI (video & audio).

  • By adjusting the volume of your speakers in your Control Panel?

    By turning the speaker volume knob on your stand-alone speakers to the right?


  • clean the audio heads. if this does not fix, you can – using a service manual – adjust the audio gain inside the VHS box.

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