Spanish commands? They dont make any sense to me. Help please.?

I missed a lot of stuff about spanish commands and uhh I dont quite get it. I looked it up and the way people conjugate it online doesnt seem consistent with what i missed. Im doing my homework online right now and here is what it says to do.

"Indica los mandatos (commands) afirmativos y negativos correspondientes."

here is the example:

limpiarlo (Ud.)

afirmativo: Límpielo.

negativo: No lo limpie.

Can someone please explain the conjugations, accents, and where to put the me's, lo's, etc.?

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  • Hi

    i'm a Spanish native speaker but i'm not really good at putting accents...

    according to your example, you don't have the worry about me's.... just lo's

    as you can see, when the command is negative, you place "lo" right after "no"...

    i guess the tricky part is for you to learn how to conjugate the verb.....

    as you know verbs end in AR, ER, IR

    in order to conjugate let's get rid of those endings..


    limpiar... limpiELO

    lavar... lavELO

    escribir... escribALO

    beber... BebALO

    thus.. if the verb ends in AR you add "elo"... if the verb ends in ER or IR you add "Alo"... but of course there are exceptions... but that's a general rule..

    of course, we are talking about USTED commands....

    now, you also asked about "me's.... but your example doesn't deal with "me's" but anyways... if you want to add "me's" you would say something like

    no me lo diga


    so, for the negative part you would add "me" after "no"

    for the affirmative part you would just form a word with "me" "lo" and the conjugated verb..

    God be with you

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