Spanish speaking people, what does chepillon mean? I dont think I am spelling it correctly.?

I heard many people saying that bay is chipillon, o chepillon, something like that. What does that mean?

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  • Chípil is a nahuatl word, meaning an unweaned child who is jealous of a new baby that will replace him in beingʙʀᴇᴀsтfed. And so chípil or chipilón/a also refers to any person who demands attention or affection.

  • I did learn a new word which I never knew.

    The word for bay is Bahia.

  • In Mexico and Cuba "chiqueón", sometimes spelled as "chiquión" or "chipilón", means 'pampered', 'spoiled', from the verb "chiquear" meaning 'to pamper', 'to spoil'.

  • "Chipilon" "Consentido"

    Is like saying spoiled, pampered.

    To be honest is the first time i have heard of this word so i just asked at home.

    "Chillon" "llorón"

    Is crying / winning. I thought you meant either one of those but i learnt something new. Thx for sharing.

    Source(s): I speak the language... but asked at home. (^/^)/
  • I meant to say, that baby

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