spanish ………….???

Write the object pronouns that would correctly complete each sentence.

  1. Usted da las cartas a mí. Usted da.

  2. Ellas muestran las blusas a ti. Ellas muestran.

  3. Yo compro la computadora para mi mamá.

Yo compro.

  1. Felipe vende la casa a los hermanos Vega. Felipe vende.

  2. Nosotros vendemos el pan a las personas. Nosotros vendemos.

don’t freaking answer my question saying to do my own homework! fyi this is not my homework I am doing this so that I can learn more and get ahead of the class

5 Answers

  • hi 🙂 here it is:

  • me las

  • te las

  • se la

  • se la

  • se lo

Source(s): native speaker
  • 1. me las

  • te las

  • se la

  • se la

  • se lo

  • I think I’m right. But make sure you’re learning the stuff yourself. You’ll be tested on it later most definitely, and if you just ask strangers on the internet for all the answers, you’re not gonna get it.

    Source(s): 4th year IB spanish student
  • 1. me las

    1. te las

    2. se la

    3. se los

    4. se los

    Source(s): I’m Spanish!
  • you can put this:

  • 1, me las

    1. no las

    2. se la la

    5. se lo leaned

    Source(s): i speck spahish thats the frirst lenguage that i leaned
  • Do your own homework.

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