Special Effects Hair Dye in Australia?

I have looked at a few american websites but they dont deliver here or are out of stock of the colour i need (atomic pink), any ideas?

I don’t want a different brand, i have tried many already and this is the only one that doesn’t wash out (i have been told by somebody who has had pink hair for 2 years).

4 Answers

  • I use Special Effects, but have never found anyone importing it to Australia. I’ve always purchased online – www.goodgoth.com and www.thegarmentdistrict.com both sell it and ship to Australia. I find it’s best to buy 2 bottles or more at a time, as the shipping works out best value that way.

  • Special Effects Hair Dye

  • the fudge hair dyes are really good they have heaps of bright ones including a hot pink. There are also some that you can get from priceline i can remember what brand but just check out priceline

  • Try another brand.?

    Sure a shop will have generic pink dye. =]


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