stale hot cheetos?

i find stale hot cheetos really addicting. i have a bag right now, and i don't want to eat them unless they are stale. how can i make them stale really quickly?

6 Answers

  • Leave the bag open.=)

  • just open the bag and leave it there for a couple of days. it should turn stale.

  • put them in the fridge for a day then take them out for a day. they should be good and stale like cake.

  • i knw meetoo but put them in a cowl leaving them on a counter where u cant see them wait like a day and then there ya go or a little less time! ut the nec tday for BEST! results!

  • Put them in a bowl and leave them on the counter.

  • omg i do too... yea okai you just leave them open on your conter for a day and there good as old 🙂

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