Standing up to micro manager? ?

On Wednesday my WFH laptop broke. logged a ticket the day before it happened as it was turning on & off. Informed my manager, spent 2.5 days chasing for updates on the replacement as per his request. On Thursday I was waiting for a call from engineers to book time to fix it. I step outside with my dogs so they can pee, I realise I need to use the bathroom, when IT calls, I ask if it’s ok if I call them in 15 mins, they say not a problem, my manager texts immediately asking why I need 15 mins & tells me it’s unprofessional and frustrating. I don’t have a car, my fiancé does and works in another town, I got a lift from my sister to the office to pick up a temporary laptop which IT set up wrongly they admitted, spent 2 hours with them trying to connect it over the phone, engineer comes to try fix the older one, is missing a spare part, says he will be back Monday. Spoke to our IT again who advised to go back out to the office & get the docking station to charge. I inform my manager I would try arrange another lift, he says to do all I can. He texts me and says it’s very important and I need to get out there, I tried calling 4 taxi companies none of which were running due to lockdown. He called and I told him I was feeling under pressure but couldn’t get a hold of a lift, mind you I’m high risk and have only see my fiancé & sister since Christmas, he goes on to berate me for not trying hard enough. Is this fair? begged my uncle and he brought me out. Did I deserve The berating? 

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  • Unless your work contract states that your work hours are asynchronous and you don’t have to work during certain hours, yeah, kind of. Your employer doesn’t care about your dogs, your bladder or your lack of transportation. Those are what would be considered “personal problems”.

  • You inserted too much useless information.  Great story.

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