Starting a voice acting career outside of America?

Bit of context before delving into my situation, I am interested in making voice acting a full-time career. It’s been a few months since I started taking voice acting seriously (going for lessons, sending in auditions for small projects etc) and I have been somewhat successful in lending my voice for both paid and unpaid projects. 

I want to start getting contracts with bigger companies, however I realise that most of these companies are based in LA and require a agent to be able to get in contact with such companies. The problem about this is that I live in Southeast Asia and cannot be there physically because of 1) financial issues and 2) Covid not allowing me to travel to many countries.

Hence, I’m very lost on what to do right now. Do I reach out to talent agencies, get a agent or just stick to local talent companies (which is non-existent where I live) and/or smaller projects that don’t require me to be there physically? Please do help me out with this, I want to make this dream of mine a reality and I don’t have anyone around me that is connected to the VA industry.

P.s Apologies if some parts don’t make sense, I’m struggling to put this situation into concise sentences.

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  • Almost all voice-work goes to fully-trained and very experienced actors – they do the occasional bit of voice-acting just to earn a little extra money in between ordinary acting roles.

    I mean – think about it. You have a role to fill in a cartoon or commercial or whatever – who do you choose to audition – a kid with no experience or a professional actor with a fantastic résumé showing years at drama school and loads of stage and film experience?

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