Stat Tracker not updating?

I just got a new laptop and im trying to view gametracker for fantasy baseball. I can open it up and watch it..but none of the games or scores will update…i have a friend on it at his house saying it is working?? any suggestions what the problem is?

With stat tracker you shouldnt have to refresh it..ive tried to open it like six times now, still doing the same thing

im on a landline…and when i reopen it its updated…is it a softwear problem?

3 Answers

  • try refreshing?

  • If your laptop has a wireless internet connection, that could be the reason. I noticed that some wireless connections update too slowly or infrequently to conflict with stattracker, which requires constant updates. Then again, this is just a suggestion, but this might be just a bad day for your internet or you could look to see if your wireless card has a good connection to your network or is conflicting with other nearby networks.

  • i did not ask this question yet i became having an identical issue. I bear in suggestions seeing this before yet ought to not locate the yahoo internet site explaining it. thank you for answering it and when I did as you suggested it now works high-quality.

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