Stereotypes about mexicans?

Does anyone know some good stereotypes about mexicans? i need some for an essay i’m writing.

thanks! i’m actually mexican myself, but i wanted to get some general answers and use the most common ones.

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  • this is reallly easy..uhggg

    gardeners,fastfood place,we swim good,short,we all love tacos,


    and all is not true i didnt lean how to swim till i was 13. i hat mexican food,

    am freaking clean:]]…and i live in a house and my parents arent gardners..

    and i dont think i have any family mambers in a gang

  • Read the entire article. It will give you some good ideas about stereotypes in general.


    The most clear historical basis for today’s stereotypes is seen in those stereotypes used for viewing Native Americans and Blacks; however, other minority groups are also subject to stereotypes that are based in history. Mexican Americans and Asian Americans are typically seen within a very fixed, rigid framework. Since Mexican Americans, like other Hispanics, have traditionally been immigrants to the United States for the purpose of doing agricultural work, they were often seen as inferior and dispensable [1]. Even now, the stereotypes of Mexican Americans revolve around this idea of desperate laborers, many of whom struggle with speaking English, flocking to the United States illegally to work.

  • Mexican Stereotypes

  • One of my favorites is the myth that Mexican people are lazy. How can anyone call a people lazy who have as their staple food something that must be cooked twice? Tortillas are cooked twice before they are eaten. Besides that they come to this country to do all of the jobs that Americans are too lazy to do. I do not know of any stereotypes about Mexicans that are true, but there are a bunch of untrue ones. The Mexican people from what I have experienced are a very resourceful, energetic, friendly, good people and stereotyping them or anyone is wrong. I suggest that you either find another topic to write on or that you start your paper by saying that stereotypes are wrong and are generally mean spirited ways of seeing a group of people.


    That they are ghetto That the females have no class That they are dirty That they are hard workers That they are all illegal the woman are very fertile the men are overly horny like 15 family members stay in a 1 bedroom house I am sure there are more, thats all I can think of right now though

  • They work harder for less money.

    They have tighter family groups.

    The respect their parents more.

    The are almost always catholic.

    They are good at mechanical work and fixing up old cars(also sound systems electronics).

    They have a greater sense of honor and duty.

    They make the best cheap food(chinese is a very close second though).

    They will almost always fight if you joke about their moms.

    They are more giving to strangers(at least fellow Mexican strangers)

    They are usually bi lingual.

    They have more responsibility as children(chores and helping the household).

    They make awsome friends because once you get to know them they can laugh at themselves love to laugh with you or at you if you don’t laugh also(provided you don’t insult there family or heritage of course).

    Other than that I do not have much to say because this is what I have learned from those that I know and have known.

  • Eat a lot of rice and beans.

    Border Hoppers.

  • Those wetbacks, I have to buy another closet in my big house just for them, they multiply a lot. but at least I can use the babies as furniture, with me being all white.

    Its true, beaners came to our world to steal jobs and work their *** off in our houses, stealing 1 DVD a month.

    Illegal aliens, what are you to do?

  • Bad qualities: 80% are Lazy, Need to learn more English.

    Good Qualities: Most are nice, very family oriented, the women are beautiful, Like taco’s(but so do I),

  • They always have an accent.

    They love tacos burritos.

    They are always brown.

    They are always ghetto.

    They are always drunk.

    They would work for a doller.

    They cross the boarder because they want to be american (No its because of the violence in mexico)

    Mexican women always have 6-10 toddlers

    Mexican guys always wear polos.

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