Stomach ache with herbalife diet?

I started herbalife diet today (already had 2 shakes today and drink 2 litres herbalife tea). The shakes (2 scoops in 375 ml soya milk) gave me bad stomach ache. This morning (after 1st shake of diet) I even had nausea and diarhea. The herbalife lady told me it is my body “detoxycating”. I just find strange to have such strong symptoms and don’t beleive the shakes are supposed to detoxycate my body, only feed it. Is this normal? I had tried the herbalife shakes a few years ago (my father was using it) and didn’t experience such symptoms. Please help.

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  • Personaly I would stay away from all the diet fads. at the end of the day all you have to do is burn more cal. than you take cardio is always good for you. Try doing HITT it worked great for me. There is no need to do more than 25 min. It beats running for 40 min by far. do this atleast 4 times a week and try to put a littel weight training in there. Dont try and lose weight too fast. If you are losing more than 2 lbs a week you might be loing muscle(catabolic, you can google it)

    *WIth HITT you will not over work your self like you might by doing full run or jog for 20-40 min like most people.

    * With HITT you should stay in you target hart range.

    *you will burn more calories from fat while preserving muscle

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    Here is a idea of what my diet looks like but it will need to be adjusted to your activaty leval, weight, etc…

    Breakfast Cereal with low fat milk and Low cal protein shake( muscle milk light or gold standard whey)

    mid morning snake” Nuts of some sort, or maybe some cheese( I can’t think of other good snakes right now)

    Lunch: Sandwich with 100%whole wheat bread veggies and some kind of meat with low % fat (you want to stay away from fat) keep it blow say 10% or even lower when it comes to meat

    Mid afternoon snack ( some kind of snack loaded with protein like nuts or another protein shake if you can handle that)

    Dinner ( don’t eat a big dinner) Lean source of protein like chicken, lean ground beef, top sirloin stake,

    bedtime if you go to bed around 10 and need a snack eat some low fat cottage cheese around 9 or so

    I think this diet can get you started but you need to find out what cal intake you need. There are web sites that can assist with that according to your weight and activity level.

  • I tried the herbalife diet and am not a big fan of it. The reason is you’re not going to be able to maintain that way of eating over the long term. Try imagining yourself 2, 3, 5 weeks down the road consuming nothing but those shakes. Believe me it gets tiring.

    I would suggest finding a diet that you can adopt permanently based on healthy eating. You will not loose weight as rapidly but you’re much more likely to get permanent results. Think of what is going to happen if 3 months down the road you can’t look at another herbalife shake without getting sick. You’re going to start eating “normally” and put all the weight right back on.


  • Herbalife Stomach Cramps

  • I stopped drinking Diet Coke over a month ago,and it was the LAST Thing I thought of when I ended up in the ER. CT scan,blood work, trip to my regular dr, no one could figure it out. Now I KNOW it was the Diet Coke. It’s poison, people, wean yourself off it gradually,and then drink water.

  • First off you can drink the tea BUT its supposed to be drank in moderation not as a replacement to water- but that is way to much as sated before – also try using skim milk or 2% milk as you maybe allergic to the soy – i can’t do soy either –

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