Stranger taking pics of house at night?

Some guy sitting in his crappy car, was taking pictures of my house across the street, where the surveillance tape is not able to see.

Its not for tax or sale

We just rebuilt it.

We also were the first owners.

We have builder sign in front so they can contact the builder for house ideas, but the guy was on the other side of the street where you are not able to take a pic of the sign.

not HOA (Home Owners Association)

If they wanted pictures for something, why would they take it at night?

The person is gone now so we were not able to get a plate number

7 Answers

  • On a public street, "the eyes can not trespass". When police see an open container in a car, they can make probable cause to move to the next assumption. You can call the police or sheriff, approach the car if you are comfortable, but legally on a public road and from inside a car, they are within their rights under the law.

    I photograph property, do neighborhood watch and have done bounty hunting on vandals. There is a variety of reasons to take a photo, but by the same token, I might approach the car depending on my thinking at the time.

  • Maybe someone is investigating you. Have you made any worker's comp claims or disability claims, or could there be any reason why someone would be investigating you? Unfortunately, as long as they are not in your yard they are not breaking any laws. See if you can round up a few guys to go out there and ask him what he's doing.

  • Did you claim anything from Insurance of something of that nature? If not than you have a stalker...try and get their numberplate if it keeps occurring if not than don't worry, if it gives you any relief report to the police so they have a case of something atlease

  • Call the police! This happened in my neighborhood first pictures were taken then those houses were robbed two weeks drug addicts!

    They noticed how nice you house is and think you have MONEY!

  • that happened to me only it was during the day. when i confronted the girl taking pictures she sped off and i still dont know why she was doing that. i called the police and they said she wasnt doing anything wrong.

  • That sounds a bit suspicious. If it happens again you should call the police.


  • That's really creepy...

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