street value of hydrocodone 10mg?

whats the street value of the pill watson 503

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  • a good price is $5.00 a piece, but you can get $6.00

  • Vicodin 10mg Street Value

  • 5$

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    street value of hydrocodone 10mg?

    whats the street value of the pill watson 503


    Your brother is probably taking some of your drugs and selling the rest. He may even be selling or trading them for street drugs. This is called diversion. People divert legal prescriptions for illegal street drugs or to individuals who pay between 5.00 to 10.00 per pill. This is a federal offense and can be prosecuted by the DEA. If your brother is being hostile and causing damage to your residence you need to put a restraining order out against him. His erratic behavior can and probably will escalate over time. All mood altering chemicals should be put in a lock box where they are secure. Ultimately you are responsible for securing your medication and keeping it from being diverted for illegal use. If your brother is busted with your drugs It will come back on you, and you will wind up having to prove your innocence in court. Sorry for the negative news but it’s a fact. Good luck

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  • Well todays price is a little different, June 2016 their going from $5 each to $7 each and sometimes even up to $8. This is due to the new law making them harder to get a script.

    Good day

  • Well since he gets angry and tears everything apart im guessing that he is using them. I would say stand up to your brother and hide them good. Do not let him take anymore from you or you will just be feeding his habbit. zanex is worth about $2 a pill where i am but take the advice i gave above. I take them to get high but not often cause i dont wanna end up an addict.I only take em about once a month, but do not let him take anymore. It sounds like hes grown to have an addiction.

  • hey Peter Jones, I don’t think thats what he asked so make sure you read next time. All drugs should be legal, we live in a so called “free” country. If I want to shoot up heroine, I have the right as a god damn human being to do so. If you don’t agree with this, you are Anti-America and should be deported immediately. There is a revolution happening right now in the world and especially the US. Corporations and religions will parish with a new world order. Take psychedelics, and learn the true meaning of life and what this whole conscious existence is about.

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