Stroke advocacy club in school?

I want to educate people about stroke, etc so O want to start a club in school. Any ideas?

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  • Perhaps you and some like-minded friends could do some work over the coming months to put together a project to be publicly displayed at your school around the end of October this year. October 29th has been designated as World Stroke Day, so that would be an opportune time to launch an awareness campaign at your school.…

    For example, you could set up an information booth somewhere in your school (i.e. something like a science project display). Perhaps you could get some leaflets from the American Heart Association (or its equivalent in your country) for free distribution to students at that time. Talk to some of the teachers or the principal in your school so that you can discuss these plans in advance and make sure that your school is okay with everything. They may be able to give you some additional practical ideas on how to go about this.

  • Contact the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association! They may be able to advise you on teaching students about heart disease and stroke! Heart disease is the number 1 killer in america, and stroke is the number 4. These are extremely important things to teach about, and I’m sure you could receive guidance and resources from someone at the American Heart Association.

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