Student Survey Fair Legit?

I received an email about getting paid for taking surveys but you have to pay like $20 one time fee but then you take the research projects/surveys and they will pay you within the week. I received it on my college email which only the school has but I don’t know if this is legit or not. Does anyone have any experience with it or any other websites that are survey like but actually do pay?

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  • Does your school have a policy of not using your email address for marketing purposes? I never gave out my college email address but it didn’t take long for the unsolicited emails to start arriving. Any offer you have to pay money upfront to get their info pack is just like the infomercials selling the get rich quick schemes. A friend got an email saying he could make up to $ 75 an hour taking surveys and after visiting the link in the email he was willing to part with the 49.95 they wanted for their info pack. I was able to show him that he was only paying for the info pack, nothing else, and there was no guarantee he would qualify for a single survey listed in the info pack. He wanted to know if there were legitimate survey companies and after a little web searching I found several. I also found that they generally paid 2 or 3 bucks for each survey and that you have to qualify for each survey you take. Most of the surveys took between 45 minutes to an hour to complete and you were only paid if you completed the survey. Some companies would send you a check for each survey completed, while others paid you quarterly, or only after you had completed 10 surveys so you need to be sure you understand what’s expected of you and what you can expect from them. A better choice may be local focus groups. I know people that were paid 100 bucks to watch a presentation and give their feedback on the product or service presented.

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  • If you are looking to make some easy extra income online, going the route of free paid online surveys has a lot of advantages. First off, to qualify as a paid survey taker you only need to be a consumer, 18 or older and have enough computer skills to be able to send and receive e-mails! That’s easy criteria to meet.

    Paid surveys are a huge business on the Internet, with thousands of new surveys being made every week. Large companies spend over $200 billion a year on advertising and promotion in the U.S. alone. Several hundred million gets allocated to market research, to guide and measure how that money is being spent.

    Market researchers use surveys to measure consumer preferences and opinions, hence the large number of surveys being made. To encourage people to take the surveys and actually fill out the survey questionnaires, most surveys are made on a compensated basis. You get paid for participating in free paid online surveys.

    Payments per survey range from $5 to $75 or more, with most being in the $10 to $25 range. That’s not a whole lot of money, but when you consider that the typical $10 survey only takes 5-8 minutes to fill out, the return on your time for taking free paid online surveys is pretty high.

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    Your opinion about new products is very valuable to big companies that must know better their customer needs before big launches or before new marketing campaigns. That’s why you can take advantage of that and get paid to take online surveys. You just have to be careful and choose real programs with real companies. I’m a subscriber of this site that I recommend if you wanna earn some extra money this way.

    I’m doing a few hundreds bucks a month. It’s not a life changing income but I’m happy because I can pay some bills and my beers. Pretty clever I think.

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  • Guys, Survey Fair and all other surveys are FAKE! I paid like 15 dollars and the website just gives you links of other survey websites. The surveys aren’t worth it. They are super long. They pay you like 25 dollars for an hour survey. If you’re looking for surveys, just search them on Google.

  • A paid survey is a type of survey that allows you to share your thoughts and viewpoints about brand names and their items in exchange for a reward, such as a benefit or cash.

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