sun shines on a dog’s once and a while?

what does this saying mean " even the sun shines on a dogs once and a while" ? heard somebody say it but I don't know what it means I just laughed and pretended like I did. lol

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  • it means that person stares at the dark reaches of a dogs butt and waits for the sun to shine on it and once it does he tells someone right away.

    lol jk i dunno. 🙂

  • A dog's *** points towards the ground more than it does to the sky. Its basically even the stupidest, most idiotic people say/do something that is a breath of brilliance amongst a myriad of knuckhead moments.

    See Kanye Kardashian:

    'George Bush hates black people'(shiny)

    'Respect the Artistry[@Beck]'(not so shiny, among other facepalm moments, like letting his child's first name be "North")

  • It means you got lucky. You say this to a person if they just did something incredible or lucky. "Phil and Dave are playing golf. Phil just made a hole in one. Dave responds "well the sun has to shine on a dogs *** every now and again" or originally "The sun must shine on a dogs *** occasionally"

  • Maybe the sunshine (or happiness) can shine (or happen) on a dogs a*s (dark, bad places).

    So basically, even during the worst of times, good things can happen.


  • It means that good things happen to everyone at some point.

  • Dogs ****

  • that makes no sense. ask the person who said it, only they know(;

  • your friend probably made it up!

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