Suppose you live on the moon. how long is a day (i.e.. from sunrise to sunrise)?

QUESTION 10 Suppose you live on the Moon. About how long is a day fi.e., from sunrise to sunrise)? 24 hours 23 hours 56 minut


Answer 10) A month. Suppose you live on the moon. about a month long is a day (i.e. from sunrise to sunrise) This is because the Moon takes around 29.5 days to return to its original position again by moving all the way across the sky on the celestial sphere as referenced to the Sun, and this month is also called as synodic month. Answer 11) Micrometeorites The only erosion on the moon’s surface is caused by micrometeorites. These days micrometeorites are the primary reson that are responsible for erosion on the moon’s surface. but usually erosion takes a lot longer than the erosion processes on the Earth. There is no erosion by wind or water on the surface of moon because it has no atmosphere and and all the water on the surface is frozen. Note: According to chegg policy I was allowed to answer only 1st question, Yet I answered two because questions are short.

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