Taking Cocaine before a tattoo?

If you took cocaine before a tattoo(side of ribs), would it still hurt? (a lot or less)?

How bad does a side tattoo hurt? 1-10

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  • Cocaine Tattoo

  • I’ve never tried coke but want to. Cocaine stimulates the nervous system and makes you more alert so I would think that it would make things more painful, that said, it could have the opposite effect. Have a line and stick a pin into your arm, see if it hurts more or less when you’re straight. I know that smoking pot can make a tattoo more painful…maybs leave the lines for when you get home, something to look forwards to.

  • If it makes you tense up then it could make your tattoo hurt. Also if your artist can tell that your high they have the right to refuse to tattoo you.

    It depends on what you get, if it’s some thing small then you can get through it with out drugs. I haven’t had one done there yet, but I have heard it can be a sensitive place to get tattooed.

  • First of all cokes an upper so it’ll make you fidget more and it will hurt more and anyway no tattoo artist will go near you if your high it’s very easy to tell when someone’s on drugs ,side tattoos hurt just man up !

  • No good tattoo artist would work on somebody under the influence of anything. It impairs judgment.

    Besides that, the pain of a tattoo is part of getting it done. It’s like a right of passage. Man up and just go through with it sober like the rest of us.

  • To be honest man. You would prolly be numb to the feeling but on the down side it could over work your body taking on that much stress and send you in to convulsions lol id say not do it but then again it could not have an effect on you and you would get through it no problem. Your choice man.

  • Why would you shoot up cocaine just to get a tattoo? That one time can leave you addicted for life. That’s just stupid.

  • Well, I can tell you that drugs before getting a tattoo would make for GREAT decision making.

    Hope you enjoy your rainbow dolphin tattoo.

  • if you really have to do it, cocaine while you’re tattooing so you wont feel the pain. but i suggest you dont get any of those…

  • Being on coke isn’t gonna make it hurt less….even painkillers wouldnt make it hurt less, if you knew how drugs worked in your body you would know this……man up its part of the process…

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