Tattoo healing process question?

I got 2 tattoos on may 5th. The first was a small one on my wrist, which peeled and seemed to heal fine in a normal amount of time for me. (I should note, these are my 7th and 8th tattoos). My only question on this one is that the outline still feels a bit raised but it finished peeling and all like a week ago. I m still using unscented lotion a few times a day.

My second one from that day is a larger one on the side of my calf. It started peeling late, luckily didn t itch too much (thank God!) But doesn t seem to have peeled fully, it s still raised and it s now peeling like dead skin, just colorless skin. None of my other tattoos have ever done that. I m still using unscented lotion a few times a day.

This is not normal. All my other tattoos peal once and are looking great in normally a week to a week in a half TOPS. Am i doing something wrong? Help!

My tattoo care is tattoo goo soap until healed, a&d until peeling and itching begins and then i switch to unscented lotion. I got another tattoo (large, on my thigh) about a month before these, did the same care, it was healed beautifully within a week and a half.

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  • Your tattoo is healing normally.

    Usually tattoos take 3 – 4 weeks to fully heal, especially when they are farther away from your core.

    According to my artist, and from what i have seen personally, tattoos closer to the heart heal a bit faster than those on the extremities. My tattoo on the back of my neck healed in 10 days, but my foot tattoo took closer to 5 weeks to heal and do the final peel.

  • This is normal, it takes sometimes over a month to fully heal. The healing will vary depending on where your tattoo is as well. What heals quickly on the wrist could take a little longer somewhere else. For example my inner arm tattoos healed up quickly but my elbow tattoo took longer. As long as your tattoo isn’t weeping yellow gunk and is hot and painful, then you’re fine.

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