Tattoo Like Cam Gigandet?

I Want To Get A Tattoo And I Have Found A Nice One, But I Cannot Get A Picture 🙁

Can Someone Get Me A Good Picture Or A Good Description Of The Tattoo From The Actor Cam Gigandet.

He Played As Ryan In The Film Never Back Down.

The One On His Arm.

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    try there. theres a buncha diff pics

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  • I definitely suggest not doing it! When a tattoo is small it’s more likely to be blurry and hard to make sense of within 5 years. Plus, portraits are hard- even the best tattoo artists have a tough time doing a good job with faces- so asking a tattooist to do a “little pic” of someone’s face is going to result in you going home very unhappy. I even think the initials would be something you’d regret… I mean, I was really into Orlando Bloom 3 years ago, and while I still respect him as an actor, I’m definitely glad I don’t have any part of his face of name permanently etched onto my body!

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