TEN ITEMS OR LESS What is wrong with this sentence?

TEN ITEMS OR LESS What is wrong with this sentence? I'm doing IXL O.5 Correct Errors With Signs. 8th grade.


It’s not a sentence!

-It doesn’t have correct capitalization
Meaning it’s all in caps, the T would need to be capitalized as the rest lowercase.

-there’s no punctuation
If it’s a statement, add the period or exclamation mark
If it’s a question, add the question mark

-so I’m not sure if I’m correct and sorry if I’m not, but I never learned any of this back in mussels school so I dont know how else to help.


Step-by-step explanation: You replace the x with a -1 and multiple -1 and 16 then it equals -16

i believe 8s is you answer

Step-by-step explanation:

how i got this was i took 2 to the second power which is 2x2=4 so 4s added to 3s is 7s added to 1 is 8s

im not sure if it's right or not, i hope that i helped you 🙂

They are not equivalent.

Step-by-step explanation:

5:2 = 2,5

8:3 = 2,66...



I hate ixl it’s sucks :(((

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