The Adams’ family started when Uncle Fester ƒᴀʀтed…?

How does the rest of it go?

4 Answers

  • He ƒᴀʀтed through the keyhole, and paralyzed the cat.

    Ah, that takes me back to my primary school days.

  • This was my schools version..

    The Addams family started

    When uncle fester ƒᴀʀтed

    The smell went through the keyhole

    And paralysed the cat

    The cat was made of plastic

    The children were elastic

    The mother was a spastic

    The Addams family!!!

    Source(s): School yard
  • The Adam’s family started

    When Uncle Fester ƒᴀʀтed

    They all became retarded

    The Adams’ family.

  • it doesn’t

3 thoughts on “The Adams’ family started when Uncle Fester ƒᴀʀтed…?”

  1. I’ve heard another version.
    The Adam family started, when uncle fester farted they all became retarded. The Adam family.

  2. When the Addams Family started
    Uncle Fester fa*ted
    The children are retarded
    The Addams Family

    Their house is a museum
    When people come to see ’em
    They always eat their B. M.
    The Addams Family!


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