The alcohol in this list that would be most soluble in water is

QUESTION 3 The alcohol in this list that would be most soluble in water is a. ethanol b. 1-octanol c. 1-hexanol o d. 1-heptan
QUESTION 16 Some alkenes have geometric (cis-trans) isomers because a. the carbon atoms in the double bond cannot rotate. .b.



The alcohols are soluble in water due to the presence of the hydroxyl group in them. With which water forms the hydrogen bonds. But the solubility decreases with increase in the carbon chain length as it hinders the bonding of hydroxyl with water. So the most visible alcohol has less number of the carbon atom. Here ethanol has 2, octanol has 8, hexanol has 6 and heptanol has 7. So the most soluble in ethanol. So the answer is option A.


The cis and trans isomerism is the geometrical feature of the compound. That is due to the rotation of the compound around a special bond. Here the alkene have a carbon-carbon double bond for the rotation., whose ease is of rotation is lesser than that of alkane and greater than that of alkyne. It is due to the presence of a pi bond. So motion A is wrong as it can rotate. Also, the atoms attached should not be all different or one of it be phosphate, but due to the same molecules on either side of which two re the same and two are different. And one carbon should attach to two different atoms. So options B and C are wrong. And the answer is option D.


Soaps are the salts of fatty acid not simple fatty acid. So option A is wrong. And also not carboxylic acid or salt of glyceral. So options C and D are wrong. They are the salts of the carboxylic acid and the carbon number in them is more. That is a long chain of carboxylic aid with their salt. So the answer is option B.

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