The anime Nana isn’t a shoujo-ai or Yuri series, is it?-_-‘?

I notice that it's a love triangle...I'd just like to know now.....Thanks!^_^;;

What I meant by "love triangle" was that Nana K(right? The ditz) couldn't really choose between Shouji and Nana. I was making sure that it wasn't going to end up like that. Thank you all for reassuring me, it would have sucked to drop it just because my family would be thinking weird things as they saw me watching the show!

^0^(such a coward...)

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  • Nope, don't worry. It's not like that at all.. it's just a drama/romance.

  • These started in the spring, but I can't say they are must watch. However, I do think they are the best of what's been released so far for 2010. 1. Angel Beats: students in the after life fight angels to keep their identity. 2. Hakuouko - based off of a game. A girl is trying to find out what happened to her father and ends up joining a samurai clan who are willing to protect her and help in her search. 3. House of Five Leaves - a down and out samurai (who is an excellent swordsman) teams up with a bunch of kidnappers. The animation isn't the prettiest, but I think (hope) there is some potential in the storyline. I haven't found any anime that started in 2010 that I just had to watch. All the anime I like are from the previous year(s). I.e. FMAB, Naurto, Bleach, etc. Sorry I can't be of more help.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    The anime Nana isn't a shoujo-ai or Yuri series, is it?-_-'?

    I notice that it's a love triangle...I'd just like to know now.....Thanks!^_^;;

  • For the best answers, search on this site

    If by this year you mean the spring,summer,fall and winter 2010 then the one you should definitely watch are: Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22(of course you have to first watch the series,the movie EoE,Rebuild 1.11) Kimi ni Todoke Kaichou wa Maid-sama Durarara Bakemonogatari Tegami Bachi BakaTest Angel Beats -can't rate anime that have not aired yet As for all-time must-watch anime: School Days-in order to understand some things in the forums Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Neon Genesis Evangelion - one of the best anime of all time Fate/Stay Night Sailor Moon Honey & Clover Full Moon wo Sagashite K-On-no story whatsoever but you should watch it to understand why it's so bad 😀 Onegai Teacher Onegai Twins-my fav anime way better than Teacher Ouran High School Host Club Kimi ga Nozomu Eien-very good Kaleido Star-lighhearted and great but it's not very popular Gravitation Junjou Romantica Ginban Kaleidoscope Full Metal Panic-all seasons FMA DragonBall-all times classic Marmalade Boy and Kodocha are old but great Kare Kano DNAngel Bokura ga Ita Fushigi Yuugi Ayashi no Ceres Shaman King Pokemon,Megaman,Beyblade and Yu-Gi-Oh(at least some episodes to get the idea) Kamichama Karin Gakuen Alice Ghost in the Shell Lucky Star(for those that watched at least 150-200 series-it's mostly parody of other anime series) Darker than Black Kaze no Stigma Da Capo(series) Shuffle Phantom-Requiem for the Phantom Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Ponyo and all other Ghibli studio anime movies Shakugan no Shana,Zero no Tsukaima,Toradora(the 3 tsundere super great anime) Kanon,Air,Clannad,Angel Beats(the anime made by KEY-especially the acclaimed Clannad) Detective Conan Gundam Seed D.Gray-Man Bleach Gintama Naruto(last 3-at least general knowledge) La Corda D'Oro Mahou Sensei Negima and its Negima! remake Death Note Higurashi no Naku Koro ni-if you can take it Umineko no Naku Koro ni-better in my opinion(considering I'm too scared to watch Higurashi) Nana Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Shugo Chara(you can omit the last season) Vampire Knight Ultra Maniac Spice and Wolf Slayers-old and new and funny Nodame Cantabile Ah My Goddess Kamichu Fruits Basket Hayate no Gotoku Kyou Kara Maou Cardcaptor Sakura Tsubasa Chronicles Toaru Majutsu no Index(which was reported today to have gotten another season) Toaru Kagaku no Railgun Skip Beat Code Geass Buso Renkin Flame of Recca History's strongest disciple Hikaru no Go Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002(the other seasons are too old-currently being subbed) DaaDaaDaa(will get a better sub by Frostii) Pretear Nanatsuiro Drops Elemental Gelade Rave Master One Piece(at least some episodes) Trigun Cowboy Bebop Kara no Kyokai Tsukihime Summer Wars Kimi ni Todoke Kaichou wa Maid-sama Baka to test to shoukanjuu Kamisama Kazoku Tenjou Tenge Yu Yu Hakusho Chaos;Head Durarara Bakemonogatari Aishiteruze Baby Sister Princess Midori no Hibi The list could continue but these are the ones you should watch...they don't contain any of the genres you said you dislike and 98% of them are great anime I rated 8-10 on MAL.Notice that other people might think some more anime series should be added! Hope it helps!

  • In a love triangle, not everyone is in love with the other. It means two girls are in love with one guy (who loves them both).

    NANA isn't about 𝒈𝒶𝓎 couples. It's a drama/romace series with straight couples.

  • Nope, it's just considered that by yuri fangirl and fanboys.

  • nana actually falls under the same catergory as nodame cantabile and suppli and tramps like us ts called josei

  • nope is just your normal boy/girl love story is pretty good for an anime is alot of drama lol

  • not at all. all love triangles are women-male relationships.

    its more of mature drama type of series, but a really interesting one; the style is amazing.


  • No its not

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