The Banana Riddle(If x is a banana, and y is a banana, is z a banana?)?

My friend is driving us crazy with this one riddle he has. he takes 3 random objects/people and asks if the first two are a banana, is the last one a banana?

example: If a piano is a banana, and a shoe is a banana, is a book a banana?

he says I have to listen to him and that it has nothing to do with the objects whatsoever.

5 Answers

  • I think I just might have told the ‘friend’ to STFU.

  • Whenever they say "Listen" before they Los the people/objects, then the last thing they list IS a banana, but if they don't say "Listen" is ISNT a banana.

  • Don’t buy into it.He’s trying to drive you bananas.

  • He sounds like a peel

  • Yes his penis is a banana

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