The basis of the vsepr model of molecular bonding is

ULTIPLE CHoICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1)The basis of the VSEPR model of molecular bonding is A) regions of electron density on an atom will organize themselves so as to maximize s-character B) atomic orbitals of the bonding atoms must overlap for a bond to form regions of electron density in the valence shell of an atom will arrange themselves so as to maximize overlap D) electron domains in the valence shell of an atom will arrange themselves so as to minimize repulsions E) hybrid orbitals will form as necessary to, as closely as possible, achieve spherical symmetry 2) A triatomic molecule cannot be linear if the hybridization of the central atoms is co sp3 D) sp2 or sp Eysp2d or sp 3) The N-N bond in HNNH consists of A) one o bond and one bond B) two o bonds and one bond C) two or bonds and two bonds D) one o bond and two bonds E) one bond and no bonds 4) The carbon-carbon or bond in ethane, H3C-CH3, results from the overlap of A) sp2 hybrid orbitals B) sp3 hybrid orbitals C) sp hybrid orbitals D) p atomic orbitals E) s atomic orbitals 5) of the molecules below the bond in is the most polar H2 C) HI E) HCI D) HAt 6) The hybridization of the oxygen atom labeled xin the structure below is H H H :O: DO sp C) sp B) sp A) sp


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