The correct order for analyzing the parts of medical terms is?

A. prefix, root, suffix

B. suffix, root, prefix

C. root, suffix, prefix

D. suffix, prefix, root

Im training to be a veterinarian please help if you can!

6 Answers

  • A. prefix, before…root is base word and suffix is at the end..four yrs.Latin

  • Penn Foster book states: analysis of medical terms begins at the end (or suffixes),

    moves to the beginning (prefixes, if any), then turns to the root(s)

    I just finished the test. Correct answer is D. suffix, prefix, root

  • I’d say (C) because the root holds the main meaning of the word. The prefixes and suffixes modify the root meaning in some way.

  • A. prefix, root, suffix

  • suffix ,root ,prefix is wrong

  • when in doubt charlie out

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