The following solutions are prepared by dissolving the requisite amount of solute in water to obtain…?

...the desired concentrations. Rank the solutions according to their respective osmotic pressures in decreasing order assuming the complete dissociation of ionic compounds.

Rank from highest to lowest osmotic pressure. To rank items as equivalent, overlap them.

1 M BeCl2

1 M KCl


1 M C12H22O11

please help. i keep getting it wrong

1 Answer

  • You just count the number of particles that come out when dissolved in water and then rank them once you get the integer.

    1M BeCl2 dissociates into 3 particles when dissolves so (3)

    1M KCl (2)

    2M CH3CH2CH2OH doesn't dissociate so that's 1, but it has molarity 2 so just multiply it by 2 so (2)

    1M C12H22O11 doesn't dissociate either so it's (1)

    ranking order from highest osmotic pressure to least osmotic pressure would just be the most dissociated particles to the least. (3) (2) (2) (1) the 1M KCl and 2M CH3CH2CH2OH overlap.

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