The nation played with fate for nearly 180 years because

The nation played with fate for nearly 180 years because a. eight presidents died in office. b. the presidential succession act had not yet been passed. c. no constitutional or congressional provision defined presidential disability. d. the president could not fire the vice president.


b. the Presidential Succession Act had not yet been passed

for feeling vacancy of a president

Presidential succession is the plan for filling a vacancy in the presidency.

The correct answer is The 25th Amendment sets the order of Presidential succession.

The 25th Amendment was adopted by Congress in 1967 to define presidential succession in emergencies, as a direct result of the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in November 1963. In the hours after the attack, there was confusion about the severity of the injuries that ended up killing the president in Dallas. Under the amendment, the president may declare himself incapacitated or be declared as such by the vice president, provided that he, together with most cabinet members - eight ministers, determines that there is physical or mental disability. In this case, the vice president immediately takes over. But the amendment gives the president the right to resist removal by asking the two houses of Congress to vote. If the legislature does not confirm, by two-thirds of the vote, the president's incapacity, he can resume his post.

According to the Presidential Succession Act of 1792, the Senate president pro tempore is next in line after the vice president After the Senate president pro tempore is the Speaker of the House.

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C. Clemency

He is pardoning people (releasing from prison sentences.)

Clemency is another word for mercy.

The correct answer is C.
  Hi , the presidential succession list is important because the government needs  to be able to fill essential jobs in case the president is unable to serve his or her term for any reason . 
 the Presidential Succession Act of 1947

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