The primary difference between a coelom and a pseudocoelom is .

The primary difference between a coelom and a pseudocoelom is .


The coelom is covered by mesoderm layer but the pseudocoelomate are not covered


The multicellular organism is made of three layers: the ectoderm, endoderm and mesoderm. The organism which possesses the true cavity is known as the coelomates and their coelom is covered by the mesoderm.

The organisms which do not possess the true cavity but cavity-like structure are called pseudocoelomates and their coelom is known as the false or pseudocoelom. The pseudocoelomates are not fully covered by the mesodermal layer.

Thus, The coelom is covered by mesoderm layer but the pseudocoelomate are not covered


Explanation: Only a coelom is fully lined with mesoderm tissue. A coelom is formed from mesoderm tissue, whereas a pseudocoelom is formed from mesoderm and endoderm and is not fully lined with mesoderm. Read about body cavities.

Coelom is completely covered by mesoderm layer and pseudocoelom isn't completely lined by mesoderm layer, Coelom - Mesoderm completely surrounds cavity, Pseudocoelom - Mesoderm does not completely surround the cavity. Pseudocoelom From the blastophore. the type of body cavity of rotifers complete gut, pseudocoelom.

The main difference between a pseudocoelom and a coelom is their developmental origin.

Further Explanation:

The coelom is the main cavity of the body found in many animals and it is positioned within the body to encircle as well as contain organs such as the digestive tract. It is known to be lined by mesothelium. In many animals like molluscs, it is found to be undifferentiated. Coelom is known to be mesodermally lined body cavity found between the gut and the exterior body wall. During embryo development, coelom starts forming in the gastrulation phase. The growth of digestive tube of the embryo creates a blind pouch which is called as archenteron. In Protostomes, the coelom is formed by a process which is called schizocoely. In this, archenteron is formed initially followed by splitting up of mesoderm layer into the 2 sheets, where one of the sheet is attached to the body wall and forms a parietal layer. On the other hand, second sheet covers the endoderm and makes the viscerallayer. The void between these two layers is called as body cavity or coelom.

Pseudocoelom is the fluid-filled cavity of the body which is found inside the exterior body wall of the animals like nematode which bathes the interior organs, involving alimentary canal as well as reproductive system. This cavity of the body is known to be pseudocoelom as it is not completely lined by the mesodermal cells as in the true coelomic cavity of the vertebrates. The pseudocoelom comprises of the coelomocytes which supplies the turgor-hydrostatic pressure for the animal as a whole and works as a lubricant within the tissues. It also works as a medium for the nutrient transportation and intercellular signalling. It is the remnant of the embryonic blastocoel and is lined by the endodermal epithelium, instead of a coelomic epithelium.

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