The region of the brain responsible for predicting the consequence of events or actions is the

QUESTION 20 The region of the brain responsible for predicting the consequence of events or a reticular formation. cerebral g
QUESTION 22 Which of the following is not a function of cerebrospinal fluid? acts as a transport medium for waste products pr
QUESTION 24 The provides the principal link between the nervous and endocrine systems. pons hypothalamus medulla oblongata ce


1. The region of brain concerned with the prediction of consequences of events is the prefrontal cortex. Prefrontal cortex is a part rostral to the motor and premotor areas. It is concerned with the individual’s personality and initiative and judgment of an individual. It is also concerned with social, ethical, moral awareness and foresightedness. Reticular formation is associated with awareness only. Temporal lobe is associated with hearing and language interpretation. Occipital association Cortex associates the vision with the past experiences. Answer is prefrontal cortex. 2. Crude touch and pressure are the general sensations which are taken to the brain by the lateral spinothalamic tract. The dorsal column has two pathways:- Fasiculus gracilis and cuneatus, they both are concerned with sensations like fine touch, vibration, stereognosis, etc. Answer is lateral spinothalamic tract.

3. Cerebrospinal fluid is a space moving in the space around the brain. This contains nutrients which supply nutrients to the brain. It has certain Pressure which provides cushion to the brain. It contains ATPs for the functioning of brain. It Also provides buoyant support to brain. It doesn’t carry waste products. It is the function of Cerebral veins, not the CSF.

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