The relationship of $325. 000 to $125. 000. expressed as a ratio. is

22.The relationship of $325,000 to $125,000, expressed as a ratio, is a. 2.0 to I b. 2.6 to 1 e. 2.5 to I d. 0.45 to 1 23. Which of the following below generally is the most useful in analyzing companies of different sizes a. comparative statements b common-sized financial statements e. price-level accounting d. audit report 24.The percent of fixed assets to total assets is an example of a vertical analysis b. solvency analysis c. profitability analysis d. horizontal analysis 25. What type of analysis is indicated by the following? $ 430,000 S 500,000 1,500,000 Amount $70,000* 240,000 Percent 1496* 16% Current assets Fixed assets 1,740,000 a. vertical analysis b. horizontal analysis c. liquidity analysis d. common-size analysis 26.Assume the following sales data for a company: 2015 2014 375,000 300,000 What is the percentage increase in sales from 2014 to 2015? a.75% b. 66.7% c.25% d. 150%


C. 1) 325000 2.6 (325000/125000) Therefore, ratio 2.6:1 23 Common sized financial statements 24 Vertical analysis 25 Horizontal analysis 26 Percentage increase of sales 2014 2015 300000 375000 196 Increase 25%

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